2 Free Webinar – Master C# 8 New Features

The next release of the Microsoft flaship programming language is fast approaching.  In the upcoming free webinar on April 18, I am going deep into the new exciting features coming to C# 8:Nullable Reference TypesUsing DeclarationsSwitch ExpressionsProperty PatternsTuple PatternsPositional PatternsAsync StreamsStatic Local FunctionsIndexes and Ranges…The webinar will be recorded so no worries if you can’t make […]

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How to organize a UX Review Session

What is a UX Review Session, why is useful to identify usability issues and how to organize one with your team. Subscribe to the Podcast on your favourite platform and never miss a new episode:StitcherPocketCasts​SpotifyBreaker​Google PodcastRadioPublic​Anchor

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Top C# Videos from NDC London 2019

Meet C# 8 and learn the future of C# by watching the following videos from NDC London 2019.The State of C# – What Have I missed?The first video goes through the history of C# and describe the major features introduced in each version including some of the latest versions. I totally agree with the speaker […]

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How to use Indexes in C# 8

Learn how to use Indexes in C# 8 and Visual Studio 2019. Have you enjoyed this video? Subscribe now to the Productive C# YouTube channel and our newsletter to be the first to receive new videos and articles on C# and .NET.Transcript of the videoHi, I am Andrea and welcome to Productive C#. In this video I want to […]

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The best of C# and .NET in 2018

C# is a modern and productive language that is evolving rapidly. This blog post contains links to the top articles and videos from 2018.Fundamentals and Tips 10 reasons why C# is alive and kicking in 2018. .NET Rocks – Essential C#. Dictionary: Definition, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls. Nullable types arithmetic and null-coalescing operator precedence.Less-Common Keywords – A Guided […]

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What Not To Do when Investigating a Memory Leak

One of the main issue we identified from yesterday exploratory session was an important memory leak problem.  We are on a greenfield project and we already knew the possible cause of it 🙂 We implemented long-running operations as described in the Microsoft REST API guideline and we were aware that we didn’t implement a retention policy for our API. Put […]

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