May 25

Satisfactions in Autonomy Software (3 months after)


After a first period of working on an enterprice application using Java and Javascript and a recent discussion with my manager I have been moved on a interesting project using the .NET technology.

In the last 10 days I worked intensively with the XNA 3.1 technology to allow the possibility to show and navigate results of the search engine in a tridimentional way using screen with 3D Vision technology. The goal was to esperiment with new way of interaction and improve the user experience. This project is a research and development project. It is a job that I am doing with other two collegues and I am having a lot of fun. I love XNA and C# !

Today has been a very important day because the prince Andrew, Duke of York, son of the queen Elizabeth II officially visited Autonomy in Cambridge. There were a lot of news writers. I have done my part presenting him our demo project and we received very positive feedback.

The big satisfaction, however, for me has been when the CEO (that was here for this important event) went to my desk. He said extremely entusiastic words about this demo project that we developed in a so quick way. I was very happy.

Let’s see the future…


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