July 23

101 Ways to Motivate Yourselft and Others – My favourites


Recentely Sources of Insight published a really interesting post: 101 Ways to Motivate Yourselft and Others.

As a reminder, I would like to write the points I considere more important for me and where I want to work:

  • Act on your inspiration
    • “Use your best energy for your best results”
    • “Your passion can expire, if you wait too long or miss the window of opportunity”
    • “A common way to kill idea or momentum is to spread them out over time, or keep pushing them out”
  • Be a coach, not a critic
    • “Use your inner coach for constructive feedback, and give your inner-critic a break”
  • Be on fire
    • “You know when you’re on fire. You kno what you’re like when you’re in the zone and you’re fully engaged and you’re at your best. Sometimes, the easiest way to get back to this mode is to simply remember what if feels like”
  • Be YOUR best
    • “Compete with yourselft and make it a game”
  • Build your band of merry men
    • “Surround yourself with the people that inspire and deligh you, wherever you go”
  • Change the frame, to change your game
    • “Problems aren’t problems when you reframe them as challenges. Challenges are opportunities for growth, excellence and your personal best”
  • Chart your progress
    • “If you want to motivate, find a way to keep the score. Progress is the top motivator of performance. Even incremental progress boosts motivation”
  • Choose significant tasks that are meaningful for you
    • “If you like excellence, then challenge yourself to shine”.
  • Create a wall of inspiration
    • “Put those pictures up that show you the greates things in life and what’s possible. Get those hopes and dreams up on the wall that remind you what’s worth fighting for.”
    • “Put those wards on the wall and quotable quotes that fire you up and make you feel alive”
  • Decide
    • “Nothing builds momentum like decisive action. Just Decide.Decisive action is motivation, it build momentum and it crowds out excuses”
  • Do worst things first
    • “Don’t let things loom over you. Once they’re out of the waym the rest is a glide-path”
  • Don’t let feat stop you
    • “A great way to conquer fear is to put the fears on the table and find a way to take away the thread or prepare for the worst case scenario”
    • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, Roosevelt
  • Don’t be perfectionist
    • “Perfection is a fallacy and it’s over-rated. A better focus is to be effective. Make it work, then make it right. Think of perfection as a process of improvement.”
    • “Focus on good enough for now. and satisfice”.
    • “Taking action is a key way to stay out of analysis paralysis, and keep your motivation strong. Don’t worry about the perfect place to start, just start”
  • Don’t look for execuse
  • Don’t take yourselft too seriously
    • “Build your sense of humor”
  • Eat, sleep and exercise on a cadence
    • “Your cadence will serve you emotionally, mentally and physically”
  • Find your “one thing”
    • “One thing matters to you most. Do more of that. That’s the thing to focus on”
  • Finish faster
    • “The faster you finish, the more you will finish. The more you finish, the easier it gets”
  • Focus on what you want
    • “Get a clear and compelling picture of what you do want and focus on that”
  • Play your favorite music
    • “Play the songs that make your spirit soar”
  • Reming yourself how short life is
    • “One way to give your fall is to remember that nothing lasts forever”
  • Set a deadline
    • “Knowing when something is due can help you funnel and focus your action and attention”
  • Set extreme goals
    • “Sometimes goals have to be extreme to feel worth it. Dream big. Set crazy limits or hurdles”
  • Want it with a passion
    • “Nothing beats the pursuit of a worhy and compelling objective”
  • Keep in mind that knowing and doing are two different things
    • “You hold the keys to unleashing what you’re capable of”


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