January 29

My New Official Blog



It is a while that I am considering ways to centralise my presence on the web and I finally decided what to do.

Until now I had three blogs and one personal web site:

In the past, I made the decision to separate technical blogs from personal blogs and trying to differentiate between Italian and English but actually I realised that has been a very very bad decision. When I wanted to create a post I had to decide the language to use and try to identify the type of content in order to choose where to write. However sometimes it is difficult to make this choice because some content are both technical and personal. In addition creating a pure impersonal technical blog is sad. For this reason I often mixed the things in strange ways loosing completely my original intention to differentiate. The advent of Facebook changed the rules significantly because I started to publish my personal stuffs there so I almost stop blogging.

At the same time I didn’t want only a simple blog but I wanted a single personal homepage with a blog inside it. I basically wanted a single entry point to my digital life. Implementing a portal like this manually requires a lot of work and I couldn’t really afford it in a reasonable time. Fortunately, I realised that BlogSpot could be easily solve all my problems.

Why BlogSpot:

  • Extremely easy to setup and use
  • Easy to customise with lots of gatdets available
  • Possibility to create custom pages in addition to the blog (the blog itself is just a page)
  • Possibility to choose a custom domain name (andrea-angella)
  • Possibility to add a new post using the browser (no need of external software like Live Writer)
  • Possibility to check the spelling
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Well integrated with Google services (Of course, this is Google)
  • Free

Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to export my old posts in a format acceptable for import. For this reason, I imported manually only the most important old posts.

An another important decision is the language. For obvious reasons, I am going to write most of my posts in English. After all, I am living in UK and this seems the right decision. English is the way to reach a vast amount of people but I am very sorry for some of my Italian friends that could have problems reading my posts. For you, I suggest using automatic translation services offered by Google that are easily accessible at the right of the page. An another quick option is to install the Google Toolbar to get translations with a single click by adding one of the buttons below to your browser’s toolbar.

I probably won’t remove the others blogs for a while but I am not going to update them anymore. For this reason, please, consider this as my only blog.

This is my only blog.

My intentions with this blog are the following:

  • Create a single entry point to my digital life with links to my presence in the web
  • Share with the world my opinions and some technical stuffs
  • Receive constructive feedbacks
  • Keep track of my life experiences and my learning for personal reference
  • Improve my writing skills in English

Thank you


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