September 1

Goodbye to my technical paper books!


Since I moved in UK I never had the time to throw all my books from the big display cabinet in my living room in Italy. This mean that I forced my parents and my sister not to use the display cabinet for such a long time.
Today, I decided to select all the books that I can remove from there and put in the bin.
It is a little bit sad but this is the time when some cleaning is required. Any of these books in some way shaped me and my professional knowledge but all of these are obsolete and surely I don’t plan to read them again or use them as a reference.

Hopefully, I will not have this problem any more in the future because I am now only buying eBooks. The Kindle is absolutely my favourite device and it changed my life radically. Now, I can brings thousands of books everywhere and access them any time.
There are some books, however, that have a special meaning for me and even if they are obsolete I could never throw them. In particular “Da Visual Basic a C#” is the book that introduced me to the C# language and the .NET Framework that is actually my favourite platform and where I invested professionally my last years. “Algoritmi in C” has been the book that I used to prepare myself to the  Italian Olympiad of Informatics in 2003 and to prepare my secondary school thesis about algorithms analysis. The other two books are the books that introduced me to VB when I was 13 years old.

Here other books that I want to keep for reference and that I will consider to bring in UK or simply buy a new digital version of them.

If you are still not sure to buying an eBook reader you should consider how the “weight” problem is brilliantly solved by these devices. In the future, I will always have access to my full books library and I will never have this problem.

Here you can access the list of all the books I read:


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