Three years since my Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering

Tomorrow will be three years since my Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering.
I got my degree from the University of Pisa and I am writing this post to simply remember that unforgettable day.
The title of my degree thesis (translated in English) was “Modular architecture for testing smartcard-based solutions” and here you can find the original paper:
The following is a video of my formal presentation (obviously in Italian). I still can’t believe how relaxed I was that day and how good the presentation was. Fortunately, being a speaker in DotNetToscana helped me a lot for that event.

It is impossible to forget the satisfaction of getting the maximum score: 110/110 with Honours and the unique certification of excellence. I order to get the certificate of excellence I had to do 5 additional exams with strict deadlines: Computer Science applied to biological systems, Dynamic Systems, Web Algorithms, Game Theory and Computational Intelligence. That was hard but extremely rewarding.

  • Stefanek says:

    Nicely done! Let's put this into practice 🙂

  • I would like to congratulate you for finishing your Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering and also for scoring 110/110 in project. It was fun reading your blog and has freshen my college days memories. All the best for your future. I have bookmarked your blog, do write on more and keep us updating.
    California Computer Science degree

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