February 6

The Rapid Growth of DotNetToscana


I am absolutely impressed by the rapid growth of the .NET community in Tuscany that I contributed to found in 2008. At the time, we were three passionate people with the dream to create a community of developers around the Microsoft .NET technologies with the ultimate goals of learning together by sharing knowledge and experience.

This quick interview has been taken by the Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Pietro Brambati in Florence the day we launched the community at the Microsoft Days 2008 Conference.

In 2013 we are now the Official Microsoft Community in Tuscany part of the new Microsoft Technical Communities program.

I would like to thank you all the members of the staff for the great technical skills and impressive enthusiasm they bring everyday to the community. In addition, all of them, are people I can call “friends” and this is an additional value of doing community.

This is the full list of people that are currently part of the staff:

We also have an official polo shirt…

…and many many sponsors:

This is the list of events we delivered in 2012. I would say awesome!

In conclusion, I would like to thanks all the people that attended our events. Without them DotNetToscana couldn’t be what it is now. Thank you!

More info on the official website: http://www.dotnettoscana.org

We often write in English. You can find us in all the major social networks:

I wish all the best for for the community and surely I will continue to give my little contribution to its future success.


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