Yearly Archives: 2014

The pleasure of Down Tools Week

I have just arrived home. It’s Friday and an another Down Tools Week is ended. I am writing this post to capture my feeling in this exact moment before my emotions disappear and I start to enter in the “Week End Mode”. I feel very tired. It was hard work but I am incredibly proud of what we […]

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Webcast: Vuoi essere uno sviluppatore software in Red Gate (UK)?

Giovedi’ 13 Novembre 2014 Sede: evento onlineOra: 17:30 – 18:30Speaker: Andrea Angella Q/A: Jodie Pinkowski Red Gate Software produce “ingeniously simple tools” per professionisti e sviluppatori Microsoft in tutto il mondo. L’azienda e’ principalmente specializzata in MS SQL Server, Cloud, .NET e Oracle con l’obiettivo di diventare leader nel Database Lifecycle Management (DLM), la componente database dell’ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). […]

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Enneagram Personality Test

I like psychological tests to learn more about myself. Few months ago, I tried the Personality Type Indicator test. Today, I did the Enneagram Personality Test that shows how you are balanced between nine personality types (called wings) and to see which one are the dominants. It looks like I am pretty balanced with a preference […]

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Stored Procedure to Calculate Expressions

I was reading the section Character Functions in the Chapter 2 of the book Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and pretty soon I get bored of trying individually the various functions on strings available in T-SQL. Then, I challenged myself to write a stored procedure (this is my first one) to evaluate an arithmetic expression with […]

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