March 9

Kindle Book Summary Creator


I am a proud owner of a Kindle device and I love reading books.

While I am reading a book I always highlight the sentences that I consider more interesting. When I finished a book, I found very useful to copy all the highlights in a notepad to create a summary of the book (usually I save them in workflowy). In same cases, for really interesting books, I often turn the summary to a blog post.

I created a very simple application that helps me to automatically extract highlights from all my kindle books. It is open source and you can find it in this GitHub repository: KindleBookSummaryCreator.

It is straightforward to use:

1. Connect the Kindle to your PC

2. Run the application

The clipping file should be automatically detected. If not, click the Detect button.
Specify the output folder.

3. Click START
The output folder will open automatically. For each book, there will be a text file with all your highlights.
I hope you can find this little application useful as it is for me.


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