January 7

dotnetalgorithms is born thanks to an inspiring free course on blogging


I love learning. I love even more sharing, debating and do collaborate learning with passionate people. This is why blogging has always being very appealing to me. I have being blogging since 2008 and always I really enjoyed doing it. The blog also helped me a lot in finding a job and creating my personal brand online. However, my expectations about the blog has never being met. I had an average of 500 pageviews in a month and the engagement I always wanted to see never happened. This of course, does not help to keep you motivated and focused in delivery quality content consistently. If you add the fact that I recently became a father what do you think is the result? You start blogging less frequently, you get disengaged and disillusioned and you don’t feel really well about yourself.

Why did I fail with my blog?CreateaBlogtoBoostYourCareer-3D-2

  • I did not choose a theme for my blog. 
  • I was not consistent

At the end of last year, I come across to a great website called simpleprogrammer.com where I registered to a free Blogging Course called How To Build A Blog That Will Boost Your Career. I didn’t have nothing to loose and I was looking for tips to improve my blog. I also decided to buy the book Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual as a way to reflect of my career as a software developer. I loved it and you can see my Amazon review here.

I have to say that John is really good at inspiring developers and I immediately engaged with his content. It is interesting that as part of the course you get homework assignments (including of course creating your new blog) and you need to reply to the emails to proof that you did them 🙂 The cool thing is that John reply to every single email and questions you send him. I found this incredible and really useful. John has a huge experience and his professional story is fascinating.

This blog course (along with the book) forced me to deeply reflect about me and my career.

The biggest problem for me was to find a specialization that reasoned with me. It is important to find something that you are passionate about otherwise it unlikely that you will be able to consistently write posts.

This blog is the result of that thinking.


The theme is to help .NET developers learn more about algorithms and how their favorite platform and language works under the covers. Topics will vary from C# libraries to .NET internals, to classic algorithms, to TopCoder solutions, to performance analysis, to scalability, to machine learning, artificial intelligence and anything related to understanding how things work under the cover and makes you a better programmer and problem solver.

The main reasons why I picked this theme are:

  • I am passionate about C#, .NET and Microsoft technologies
  • Algorithms and problem solving is what made me fall in love of computer programming
  • There is not an official blog focus on the topic targeting specifically C#.NET developers
  • I don’t have an opportunity to develop myself in this field at work
  • I am curious to understand how things work internally
  • I want to improve my ranking in online algorithmic competition platforms like TopCoder
  • I already have a good knowledge of algorithms from university
  • I wan the bronze medal at the Italian Olympiad in Informatics in the old 2003
  • It is an excuse to read The Art of Computer Programming book 🙂
  • I am fascinated about artificial intelligence, machine learning, compilers and all that magical stuff

Hope you subscribe to it and you start learning more about algorithms along with me.

There is so much to learn. Let’s do it together.


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