June 8

New team and books optimizing



This week is an exciting one for me. I joined the SQL Source Control team in Redgate after more than 2 years in SQL Monitor. I really needed a change and this was a perfect time as the company just finished a big painful reorg with the intent of creating more autonomous self-organizing teams.

The biggest lesson I learnt since i joined Redgate is how much the people in your team can affect your life, confidence and mood. I decided to optimize for people instead of the product. I wanted to worked with people I respect and who share values closer to mine (see My Dream team). I am looking forward to live the new team.

Other random things I learnt:

  • If you want to navigate to implementation in Visual Studio using ReSharper you can click the left mouse button while you press CTRL + ALT. If you only click CTRL you navigate to the interface instead of the actual implementation. I think this trick can save you some time.
  • I subscribed for a trial of Safari Books Online as it seems quite good. I usually tend to read books cover to cover but since I have a toddler I realized that this approach do not scale and lead to frustration. Also I want to start looking at books just as a resource instead of as goals.
  • I created an account on Blinkist to read leadership, management and self-development book summaries and I am liking it a lot.
  • I also joined the PhilosophersNotes where I download podcasts to listen while I drive to work. The content provided by Brian Johnson is truly awesome and I know is going to be an incredible resource going forward.






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