June 11

Notes from Books: passion, perseverance, culture, resistance and fear


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Let me capture various ideas and inspiring quotes from latest book summaries I read on Blinkist.

Helping others help to boost your own motivation.

The key to success is grit: passion + perseverance (TED talk)

Company culture is even more important than customer service, because if the culture is right, great customer service will naturally develop from it. It’s best to grow a company slowly to carefully monitor the hiring process and ensure that everyone on board is contributing to the culture you wish to create. Create a culture that fosters both personal and professional development. Zappos is mentioned as a great example of a company where the culture is the number one priority.

You should turn thoughts like “I have no idea how to do this” into “I am excited to work on something new”.

Stick to open-ended questions if you want to keep the conversation going

Avoid group discussions over email, prefer in person meetings

When you are faced with a tough decision you can follow this process:

  • Draw a table with two columns
  • The first column is where you write down what your emotions are telling you to do
  • The second column is for what your logical reasoning tells you to do.
  • See which list has the stronger points and make a decision

Ambition and self-awareness are the real keys to achieving any goal, but they are always under threat by a common enemy: resistance. Excessive preparation and overthinking prevent you from getting things done, so learn to resist them. If you start to feel self-doubt, learn to ignore it – that doubt is a form of resistance. It’s better to act first and reflect on it later, especially when you are starting a new project. Start focusing on doing work, no thinking about it. I personally use the pomodoro technique to help me doing it.

Don’t let fear overcome you. Fear kills passion. When you feel the urge to abondon your work, take a step back and try to quite the chattering in your mind. Focus on the joy and satisfaction your work brings you, rather than on the fear of failure. Conquering this fear is a major step toward always working with passion.

Focus on the quality of the work you are doing now, instead of always wondering if it is your true calling. 

Do you like these notes? Give Blinkist a try (affiliate link).


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