July 9

Azure via C# – Working with Azure Files in C#

Welcome to the Azure via C# video series. Learn the Microsoft Cloud using C#.

Working with Azure Files in C#

Learn how to create, populate and download Azure files shares using C# and then how to mount your file share in Windows.

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.NET, Azure, Azure Files, C#, Visual Studio

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  • I came here from the “this week in .net” post on MSDN and was immediately greeted with a rather obnoxious popup window asking me to subscribe. The transparency around the “Leave me alone” text made it difficult to even close this popup.

    You may be passionate about software, but I’m passionate about good design and that was anything but. I understand you need/want subscribers, but there are much less invasive ways to do it.

    • I agree with you about the design of the “No thanks” link. It’s not great. I am using the free version of MailChimp and the Subscriber Pop-up editor. Unfortunately the free version does not provide advanced customisation. However, after you click “No Thanks” the popup should stop appearing and you can freely navigate the blog. I hope you can find some of my videos interesting and useful. Cheers

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