July 15

All you need to know to master C# 7

This is a collection of practical videos to learn how to use the new C# 7 features.

Generalized Async Return Types (ValueTask) in C# 7

Learn how to use the generalized async return type feature (more specifically ValueTask) in order to improve the performance of your application by reducing memory pressure. ValueTask is particularly useful when you repeatedly call asynchronous methods that can run synchronously most of the time.


Ref returns and locals in C# 7

Learn how you can improve the performance of your application using Ref returns and locals.


Local Functions in C# 7

Learn how using local functions in C# 7 can make your code more compact and less repetitive.


Binary Literals and Digit Separators

See how to use binary literals and digit separators in C# 7.


Is expression with Pattern Matching

See how to make your code more compact using IS expressions with pattern matching instead of the AS keyword.


Switch Statement with Pattern Matching

Learn how to refactor a series of ifs using the improved switch statement with pattern matching.


Throw Expressions

Learn how to use the throw expressions to make your validation code more compact and easy to read.


Inline Out Variables 

Learn how to inline out variables and how to use Visual Studio 2017 to inline all variable declarations in the entire solution.


Refactor out parameters into tuple

Learn how to refactor a method that return multiple values using out parameters to use C# 7 Tuples instead.


Tuple Semantic Names

Understand how tuples works under the cover and why returning tuples in public APIs is probably not a good idea.


Tuple Deconstructions

How to deconstruct a tuple into its individual components.


Expression bodied members

Learn how you can make your class extremely more compact using expression bodied members.




.NET, C#, C# 7, Visual Studio

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