December 22

Top 10 Productive C# Videos of 2017


This is the list of the top 10 most watched Productive C# videos of 2017.

1. Generalized Async Return Type (ValueTask) in C# 7

Learn how to use the generalized async return type feature in C# 7 (more specifically ValueTask) in order to improve the performance of you application by reducing memory pressure. ValueTask is particularly useful when you repeatedly call asynchronous methods

2. Async Main in C# 7.1

Learn how to use the new Async Main feature in C# 7.1. You can use async in the entry point of your console application using Visual Studio 2017.

3. Using Static Declaration in C# 6.0

Learn how to use the using static declaration to make your C# code more compact.

4. SelectMany in LINQ

Learn all the possible ways to use SelectMany in LINQ to implement sophisticated queries who need to flatten sequences of sequences in C#

5. How to configure the C# language version in VS 2017

Learn how to configure your C# Visual Studio 2017 project to compile against a specific version of the C# compiler and use the latest features of the C# language.

6. Azure Functions in C#

Learn how to create, debug and deploy azure functions using C# and Visual Studio.

7. Implementing Equality

Learn how to implement equality for value types and reference types in C# with some help from ReSharper.

8. Sequence Equality

Learn how to check if two lists or sequences are equal.

Did you know Microsoft implemented this for you in the .NET Framework 3.5?

9. Default Expressions in C# 7.1

Learn how to use default expressions in C# 7.1

10. Sorting in LINQ

Learn how to sort collections in ascending and descending order using LINQ in C#. Use methods OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy and ThenByDescending or use the query syntax if you prefer.

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