March 30

Learn C# Online with Try.NET


Learn how you can run C# code in the browser and learn C# without installing Visual Studio. This is perfect when you are getting started with C# to familiarise with the language and it's also great for experienced developers.

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Hi, I am Andrea and welcome to Productive C#. In this video I want to talk about Try.NET. If you are completely new to C# and you want to give it a go without installing Visual Studio, that is the main IDE that you can use to actually write and build C# applications), you can do it now, by going to

If you go to this URL, you will find a very simplified editor and in this case there is a program written in C# that prints the first 20 Fibonacci numbers and you can actually run it by clicking the "Run" button and you will see an execution of the C# program. Let's play a bit with it and see what the experience is. Basically you have a complete C# editor here and you also have Intellisense. Let's say I  want to create a variable, then I want to do a foreach var numbers in number , Console.WriteLine and autocomplete number and you can do run. 

So, if you are new to C# and you want to actually play with the language without installing a full fledged editor, you can do that now using this website. Microsoft is actually working on this and actually quite good. 

Even if you are an experienced developer and you want to quickly run some C# for experimentation or if you don't have a machine with Visual Studio and you don't have time to actually install it, you can just go to this website  and immediately run some C#. Pretty much all the .NET framework libraries are referenced automatically for you and you can actually start playing with it. Very very useful tool. 

In addition to that, I want to show you that Microsoft is currently rolling it out to their documentation site. So, if you go to, that is the main website for all the documentation, you can go for example to the C# QuickStart Guide , click on that and let's say I go to Hello World, let's click "Run your first C# program". What you can see here, on the right, you find a .NET editor that actually allows you to write C# directly in the browser and that's basically powered by the same engine that I showed you before in the other website. You can run it and get the results.  So you basically have a kind of interactive way of learning C# and this is definitely a recommended way to learn C# if you are completely new to the language. Go to this website, play a bit with this tutorial and you can get good at C# without even installing Visual Studio. 

Of course, if you are serious about programming in C# and I am sure you are, you absolutely have to install Visual Studio because allows you to build any kind of applications and it's an incredible tool. But remember that you have this website available for you if you need to learn C# or you actually want to play with it very quickly without waiting to install a complete IDE. Thanks you very much for watching.


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    • It looks certainly more rich and mature then Try.NET. The good thing about Try .NET is that I can use the latest features of C# straight away. I tried to use tuples in dotnetfiddle and I can’t find a way to run it using the Roslyn compiler. Is it possible?

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