April 6

C# 7.X and Beyond – A sneak peek at the future of C#


Have a quick sneak peek at the future of C#.

Do you know all the features available in the current latest release of C# 7?
Do you know all the potential features who might make it into C# 7.3, C# 8 and beyond?

At the .NET Cambridge community, I introduced all the C# 7 features and quickly introduced all the potentially upcoming features in the future versions of the language.

Here I share all the slides I used during my presentation.

C# 7.0 up to C# 7.2 introduced the following features:

  • Inline Out Variable
  • Tuples
  • Pattern Matching in Is Expression
  • Pattern Matching in Switch Statement
  • Local Functions
  • Throw Expressions
  • Binary Literals and Digit Separators
  • Expression bodied members
  • ValueTask<T>
  • Ref returns and locals
  • Async Main
  • Default expressions
  • In Parameters
  • Ref readonly
  • Readonly struct
  • Ref struct
  • Private Protected access modifier
  • Non-Trailing named arguments

What's baking for the future of C#? 

  • Ref local assignment expression
  • Ref this for extension methods
  • by value vs `in` overload tiebreaker
  • Attributes on auto-implemented properties
  • New generic constraints
  • Operators == and != for Tuples
  • IEnumerable<T> in params
  • Target typed stackalloc initializers
  • Utf8 string literal
  • Nullable References
  • Records
  • Slicing with Ranges
  • Native Number Types
  • Fixed sized buffers
  • Negation of if/while condition
  • Extension everything
  • Async Enumerable and Async Dispose
  • Query foreach
  • Null-conditional await
  • Null-coalescing assignments
  • Default implementation in interfaces
  • Dictionary literals
  • Constant patterns
  • is not pattern?
  • Methods in Enums
  • Implicitly scoped using statement

Enjoy the presentation and please share this blog post on the futrue of C# with your colleagues and friends!

Don't forget that C# is developed in the open.

You can influence the direction of the language by expressing your opinion on the official GitHub project.

PS: You can find a discount coupon for the Productive C# Membership at the end of the slide deck 🙂

In the future of C# there will be more love!

C# deserves more love! 

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