Free Webinar – Master C# 8 New Features

The next release of the Microsoft flaship programming language is fast approaching. 

In the upcoming free webinar on April 18, I am going deep into the new exciting features coming to C# 8:

  • Nullable Reference Types
  • Using Declarations
  • Switch Expressions
  • Property Patterns
  • Tuple Patterns
  • Positional Patterns
  • Async Streams
  • Static Local Functions
  • Indexes and Ranges
  • ...

The webinar will be recorded so no worries if you can't make the date & time. However, you must register to be able to watch the reply after the event.

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  • Miri says:

    May you share video?

    • Hi Miri, thanks for your interest. The recording is only available to people who register. There will be new webinars on the some subject in the future. Make sure you subscribe to the blog to be notified. Cheers

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