February 16

Nullable Reference Types in C# 8



With C# 8 you can now use a new feature in the language called Nullable Reference Types.  

The Nullable Reference Types feature in C# 8 is disabled by default even if you specify C# 8 as your language version in Visual Studio

How to enable the feature

You can enable the feature by setting the Nullable property to enable inside your C# project file.

Enabling this feature drastically changes the semantics of your code.

The C# compiler will start working with a different set of rules.

It will consider any variable of a reference type non-nullable and can be dereferenced safely. 

The C# compiler will show a warning all the time you attempt to assign null to a reference type variable.

Learn how you can enable this feature and start fixing nullability issues in your code base. 

Practical Video


The new set of warnings the compiler can generate when you enable the Nullable Reference Types feature, can be a massive help for the developers and will help to spot bugs and write code of better quality. This feature is definitely a game changer for C# developers and I invite you to use it especially on new projects.

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