Getting Started with Server-Side Blazor

Blazor is a feature of ASP.NET Core. It allows developers to build full-stack web applications using C# instead of Javascript.  Blazor is officially supported by Microsoft. You can use the server-side hosting model in production when .NET Core 3 ship in September 2019.  If you are an experience C# developer and you love C#, this is a fantastic […]

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Value Types and Reference Types in C#

Learn about the difference between value types and reference types in C#.  Have you enjoyed this video? Subscribe now to the Productive C# YouTube channel and the newsletter to be the first to receive new videos and articles on C# and .NET and join a community of professional C# developers on Slack.Transcript of the videoIn this video […]

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5 Free Webinar – Master C# 8 New Features

The next release of the Microsoft flaship programming language is fast approaching.  In this free webinar, I am going deep into the new exciting features coming to C# 8:Nullable Reference TypesUsing DeclarationsSwitch ExpressionsProperty PatternsTuple PatternsPositional PatternsAsync StreamsStatic Local FunctionsIndexes and Ranges…Register now to get instant access to the webinar. Register Now ​

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