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Problem Solving with Algorithmic Katas

Last week in Redgate, we announced a new learning experiment (that I organize with the help of a colleague) that we called Algorithmic Katas. This is an extract of the announcement and in the following months I will share the results with you together with problems and solutions. The announcement Solving problems is the foundation of software development. Algorithms […]

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1 Top Coder Problem – Boxing

TopCoder is an amazing platform to challenge yourself. I decided to start posting my solutions to problems with the following purposes: Stimulate myself to practice more Stimulate my friends to solve the problem Stimulate my friends to join TopCoder and challenge themselves Compare and contrast different solutions Notes: TopCoder only accepts solution written in C# […]

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2012 TopCoder Open – Qualifications

Yesterday, I participated to the Online Qualification Round 1C that is the first phase of the Worldwide 2012 TopCoder Open Turnament in the algorithm category. If you look at the algorithm competition schedule you will see that 600 out of 2000 (the maximum number of participants per qualifications round) advances to the semifinals. My final position is […]

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Programming a Robotic Car

In the last few weeks I have been quite busy following the course “Programming a Robotic Car” on Udacitity. The course is quite demanding because it force you to implement all the algorithms presented. I think this is by far the most effective way to really learn and their on-line platform based on Python works pretty well. These […]

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