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Switch Expression in C# 8

IntroductionC# 8 introduce switch expression, an elegant and compact new way to write switch statements. It’s important to note that the switch expression is not a replacement to the classic switch statement but it can be used in the majority of the situations. What you can do with the switch expression can always be done with […]

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How Delegates Work in C#

Most developers new to C# don’t fully understand how delegates work and it’s a frequently asked question in the Productive C# membership. This post contains everything there is know about delegates in C#. Share this, if you think it can help an other fellow C# developer. Share0 Tweet0 Share0 What is a C# delegate?A C# […]

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Getting Started with Server-Side Blazor

Blazor is a feature of ASP.NET Core. It allows developers to build full-stack web applications using C# instead of Javascript.  Blazor is officially supported by Microsoft. You can use the server-side hosting model in production when .NET Core 3 ship in September 2019.  If you are an experience C# developer and you love C#, this is a fantastic […]

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