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2 Learn C# Online with Try.NET

Learn how you can run C# code in the browser and learn C# without installing Visual Studio. This is perfect when you are getting started with C# to familiarise with the language and it’s also great for experienced developers. Video Link: PostsPrivate Protected Access Modifier in C# 7.2Top 10 Productive C# Videos of 2017Quiz: […]

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2 Access Modifiers in C# and Private Protected

Learn about the new private protected access modifier in C# 7.2 and how it relates to all the other access modifiers. Video Link: Of The Video In this video I want to talk about the private protected member access modifier that has been introduced in C# 7.2. In order to do so, I’d like to have […]

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Productive C# – Inferred Tuple Element Names

New video from Productive C# to learn about the new inferred tuple element names feature added in C# 7.1. Inferred Tuple Element Names Learn how¬†tuple element names are automatically inferred in C# 7.1. Previous videos How to configure the C# language version in Visual Studio 2017 projects Async Main in C# 7.1 Default Expressions in […]

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