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Master C# 7, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

Became a productive C# 7 developer with Andrea, Microsoft C# MVP and .NET Community Lead

Introducing the Productive C# 7 Bundle

The Productive C# 7 bundle is the essential resource to quickly learn all the new features introduced in C# 7, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

Master C# 7.x - The Quickest Way


“Andrea can explain complex topics in short and useful videos”

Alexey Shestialtynov - Software Engineer

Tom Gauden Testimonial

“I love the practical C# videos. I really like the ability to download the code from the videos and take my time to understand it and become a more productive developer. This is a great place to keep my mind fresh on coding”

Tom Gauden - Project Manager

4 Complete Courses

Master C# 7.0, Master C# 7.1,
Master C# 7.2, Master C# 7.3

28 Practical C# 7 videos

Every C# 7 feature is explained with simple and effective code examples.

Complete Offline Access

You can download all the videos and the source code to learn on the go.

I watch Productive C# videos after work. Thanks to the simplicity of the videos and the enthusiasm of Andrea I find the experience enjoyable even after a hard day at work. Moreover, being able to download the code, has allowed me to master new techniques and to use them in my team.

Stefano D'Onofrio

Solution Developer, Exigy

Learn the skills you need to be a cutting edge C# 7 developer

This is the simplest and quickest way to get up to speed with C# 7, stand out from your peers and become a successfull C# developer.

Everyone will tell you how smart and knowledgeable Andrea is. His videos and articles have been enormously useful in shaping, testing and refining my own approach to software development. Andrea is an exceptional teacher and one of the best software craftsman I’ve ever met.

Nicola Baldi


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About the Author


Hi, I’m Andrea Angella

I am a Senior .NET developer, Microsoft C# MVP and .NET Community Lead.  I am the founder of .NET Cambridge, the official community on .NET in Cambridge (UK) consisting of 650+ passionate .NET developers. I love to teach in a simple and practical way how to master C# technologies to help you become a productive and successfull senior developer. My peers describe me as really enthusiastic, motivated, with an infinite passion for software development, a relentless desire to keep learning as well as amazing ability to involve others in my pursuit of excellence.

What videos are included?

  • Inline Out Variables
  • Refactor out parameters into tuple
  • Tuple Deconstructions
  • Tuple Semantic Names
  • Is expression with Pattern Matching
  • Leading Underscores in Numeric Literals
  • Local Functions
  • Throw Expressions
  • Binary Literals and Digit Separators
  • How to configure the C# language version
  • Default Expressions
  • Inferred Tuple Element Names
  • In Parameters
  • Ref Readonly
  • Readonly Struct
  • Ref structs
  • Non-Trailing Named Arguments
  • Private Protected
  • Switch Statement with Pattern Matching
  • Ref Assignment
  • Indexing Fixed Fields without pinning
  • Extensible Fixed Statement
  • Tuples Equality
  • Stackalloc Initializers Support
  • Ref returns and locals
  • Expression body members
  • Async Main
  • Generalized Async Return Type (ValueTask)

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What You're Gonna Get...

  • Master C# 7.0 Course ($84 value)
  • Master C# 7.1 Course ($28 value)
  • Master C# 7.2 Course ($49 value)
  • Master C# 7.3 Course ($35 value)

Total Value: $196

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