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Staying up-to-date with C# shouldn't be so painful

Are you scared by the overwhelming changes happening in the C# development world? Do you think sometimes you will never keep up?

Would you like to become the skilled C# software developer everyone admires and respect? Would you like to be the primary contact when someone has any doubts or questions related to your C# project?

I get it. Learning new skills is time consuming and you don't have the time to watch hours of content every day. You want to spend time with family after work and not extra few hours just to stay on top of news.

That's why I created this course and Productive C#.

The web is full of long unfocused videos with slides and theoretical content nobody cares about.

The videos in this course are short, practical and to the point. All videos are straight in Visual Studio presenting the essential skills you need to learn to be effective on the job as a C# developer. 

If you decided to get all-in, you will receive a curated list of weekly C# developer news straight to your inbox and you will be able to ask me questions anytime...

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  • 10+ courses and new videos
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  • Private C# Mastermind Group
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Master C# 8.0


Module 1: Nullable Reference Types

Enabling this feature drastically changes the semantics of your code. The new set of warnings the compiler can generate, can be a massive help for the developers and will help to spot bugs and write code of better quality. Learn all the details of this game changer feature for C# developers.


Module 2: New Syntactic Sugar

Master all the new features to make your code more compact and elegant. Indexes and ranges provide a succinct syntax for accessing single elements or ranges in a sequence. Using declarations reduce your nesting and the null coalescing assignment operator avoid unnecessary if statements.


Module 3: Switch Expression and Pattern Matching 

C# 8 introduces a new streamlined way to write conditional code as an expression. Combined with new property patterns and tuple patterns you can write extremely compact and beautiful readable code.


Module 4: More features

C# 8 finally merged the power of async and LINQ, adding the ability to easily implement asynchronous streams of data and easily iterate through them asynchronously using a familiar foreach loop. Learn about IAsyncDisposable, IAsyncEnumerable, readonly members and more in my C# 8 webinar.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Gianluca Gagliano

Luca Gagliano

.NET Developer

Versatility, clarify and concrete examples

I like the versatility with which the topics are exposed, the clarity of the videos and contents and the possibility of immediately obtaining results. Productive C# courses are not based on the simple and overused "Hello world", but they go to concrete examples on which to base future implementations. I highly recommend it to expand and improve your C# technical skills.


Nicola Baldi

Senior Developer

Andrea is an exception teacher

Everyone will tell you how smart and knowledgeable Andrea is. His videos and articles have been enormously useful in shaping, testing and refining my own approach to software development. He is an exceptional teacher and Productive C# is just a proof of it. Andrea is one of the best software craftsman I’ve ever met.

Matteo Baglini

Matteo Baglini

Software Craftsman

Complex topics teached in a concise way

I'm a seasoned C# developer and I am always looking for an easy way to stay up-to date with the many features offered by the language. The Master C# 8 course delivers this and more. The short and practical videos are another tool in the belt of the programmer who wants to improve his coding skills. Andrea has an amazing ability to explain complex topics in a concise way. He really loves coding, teaching and his passion can be very contagious!

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Master your C# development skills getting answers and advice from Andrea, Microsoft C# MVP, Senior C# Engineer and .NET Community Lead. 

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Connection with other productive C# developers. Join an exclusive private mastermind group with all the other productive C# developers. We meet live monthly!

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