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The Productive C# membership is the essential resource for any C# developer at any stage of their career to increase their practical skills and become master C# developers. 

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“Andrea can explain complex topics in short and useful videos, and keeps me informed about all the latest .NET news with his frequent reports”

Alexey Shestialtynov - Software Engineer

Tom Gauden Testimonial

“I love the practical C# videos, the regular news and resources shared by Andrea. I really like the ability to download the code from the videos and take my time to understand it and become a more productive developer. The Productive C# membership is a great place to keep my mind fresh on coding”

Tom Gauden - Project Manager

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Focus on the practical C# skills you need to be effective on the job. All the videos and code can be downloaded.

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With an extensive collection of extremely practical videos, free licenses from sponsors and a supportive community to help you along the way with feedback, encouragement and advice the Productive C# membership is the perfect place for anyone looking to become a master and successful C# developer.

Stand out from your peers

Gain the confidence to possess the practical skills you need to create profitable high-quality software and secure an highly paid developer job.

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Learn exactly what you need to know to be immediately effective on the job. No theory, marketing fluff and irrelevant details. Stay up-to-date with all the C# news in a fraction of the time. 

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Get unlimited privileged access to Andrea via emails and join an exclusive private mastermind group and live calls with all other productive C# developers.

Everyone will tell you how smart and knowledgeable Andrea is. His videos and articles have been enormously useful in shaping, testing and refining my own approach to software development. He is an exceptional teacher and the Productive C# membership is just a proof of it. Andrea is one of the best software craftsman I’ve ever met.

Nicola Baldi


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Gain practical and relevant skills to become a master and successful C# developer

Meet other C# developers who love the membership

Here's why:

I'm a seasoned C# developer and I am always looking for an easy way to stay up-to date with the many features offered by the language and the .NET platform. The productive C# membership delivers this and more. The short and practical videos are another tool in the belt of the programmer who wants to improve his coding skills. Andrea has an amazing ability to explain complex topics in a concise way. He really loves coding, teaching and his passion can be very contagious!

Matteo Baglini

Software Craftsman,

What I like about Andrea’s Productive C# is being able to get the latest features/technologies in C# and .NET on a weekly basis.  He gives small videos of these features with code examples and links to the latest articles/reports on these technologies. He condenses it down for you so you do not have to do the searching on the internet.  And he shows a genuine interest in you learning these technologies.

Corinne Perry

.NET Developer

Like all developers, I have to learn continuously and finding good resources on advanced topics is difficult and time-consuming. The videos in the Productive C# membership are short, useful, reliable and easy to understand. Andrea is always there to answers any specific questions making sure I fully grasp the latest C# features and Microsoft technologies.

Cemal Polat

Software Developer

I found Andrea's Productive C# web site when I was hitting a limit on my professional growth. I came to realise that I needed a good mentor who could push and guide me to the next level, and Andrea perfectly fits that description. He's very focused on practice and very helpful in answering all my questions. I enjoy receiving his short digests with the latest news in the .NET world and being part of a community of like-minded people to help grow my skills. This is why I've chosen to be a lifetime member of the Productive C# membership.

Vadzim Papou

.Net Developer

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About the Author


Hi, I’m Andrea Angella

I am a Senior .NET developer, three times Microsoft C# MVP and .NET Community Lead.  I am the founder of .NET Cambridge, the official community on .NET in Cambridge (UK) consisting of 1000+ passionate .NET developers. I love to teach in a simple and practical way how to master C# technologies to help you become a productive and successful senior developer. My peers describe me as really enthusiastic, motivated, with an infinite passion for software development, a relentless desire to keep learning as well as amazing ability to involve others in my pursuit of excellence.

What's included?

  • Master Azure via C#
  • Master C# 9.0 (with certification)
  • Master C# 8.0 (with certification)
  • Master C# 7.X (with certification)
  • Master C# 3 and LINQ
  • Master C# Fundamentals
  • Master Blazor.NET
  • Patterns and Best Practices
  • Master .NET Core
  • Master C# Refactoring
  • Master Unit Testing
  • .NET Standard
  • C# Code Challenges
  • Q/A with Andrea
  • Regular Live Mastermind

New videos added weekly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let me try to answer those for you...

What makes the Productive C# membership different?

I am new to C# - Is the membership suitable for me?

Is the content available immediately or it is time-released?

I am a senior developer - Should I still join?

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

I’m not 100% sure, do you offer a trial so I can test it out?

What if I want to cancel my membership? How do I do that?

I watch Productive C# videos after work. Thanks to the simplicity of the videos and the enthusiasm of Andrea I find the experience enjoyable even after a hard day at work. Moreover, being able to download the code, has allowed me to master new techniques and to use them in my team.

Stefano D'Onofrio

Solution Developer, Exigy

Andrea is a mentor and software craftsman who is highly passionate about programming. He explains complex topics in extremely simple and professional way. The Productive C# membership is a real treasure for C# developers that helps to hone their professional skills and keep up with the latest news in .Net world. Andrea makes a lot of effort on making such an amazing and efficient teaching materials that makes this resource unique. Moreover, he is highly motivated and focused on sharing his knowledge with people. I'm so glad I could find such a magnificent resource!


Software Developer

I like the versatility with which the topics are exposed, the clarity of the videos and contents and the possibility of immediately obtaining results. Productive C# courses are not based on the simple and overused "Hello world", but they go to concrete examples on which to base future implementations. I highly recommend it to expand and improve your C# technical skills.

Luca Gagliano

.Net/Sharepoint Developer

Productive C# courses are very well prepared and concepts are clearly expressed. Andrea does not waste time for unneeded explanations.

Igor Zeler

C# Developer

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